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We understand the importance of introducing depth and colour into your garden for different seasons throughout the year which will also encourage pollinators and wildlife into your garden.

Our gardeners can also advise based on location and soil types to meet your specific needs although we will ensure the soil is prepared using enriched compost so the plants are provided with all the nutrients necessary for the best possible plant growth.

We can advise and source various plant types to suit your budget and requirements. This can be low maintenance or if you have green fingers and a few spare hours on your hands you can choose a higher maintenance garden.

Please note that regularly watering your plants is vital to preserving their beauty.

There’s nothing more exciting than planning and planting a new garden; and nothing more daunting than a garden that’s been left to run wild.

Paul and Son can help you get started from scratch with new plants, landscaping and features, or we can rescue gardens that have gone wild, tidying up so you can start again or giving you something beautiful to replace the mess.

Paul and Son have 20 years’ experience as professional gardeners and generations of green-fingered enthusiasm behind them. Creating a new garden or rescuing an unloved one is the sort of thing that gets us really excited.

So much is possible with a blank canvas, but you need to know what you’re doing. How will local conditions affect what you can grow successfully?

What plants will fit and thrive in a new space?

And you need a clear idea of what you want your garden to do for you – is it a kids’ playground or a productive food factory, a sophisticated room outdoors or a wildlife haven?

Paul and Son are passionate gardeners with real design and planting experience. Ask about our previous projects if you’d like an idea of what we can do.

Gardens go to rack and ruin for all sorts of reasons. It may be that you’re in a new home or new premises. Sometimes gardens just get too much for their owners.

Whatever the reason, we can give you a full garden makeover or rescue service. You can get us to stop once the heavy work is over and go on to create your own beautiful plot, or we’ll complete the job for you.


There are so many types of plans too choose from so we have broken these down into their main categories to assist you to ensure that you have colour and variety all year round.



These plants produce beautiful floral displays during summer starting form seed, flowering and making more seeds which is transferred from wind and pollinators, they then die off within one year hence the name annuals. There are two types of annual plants which are hardy annuals and Biennials.

  • Hardy annuals

These plants can withstand the cold UK climates and can be sown outdoors in spring. Hale hardy annuals on the other hand need extra care are more susceptible to the cold and are sown indoors and planted later in the year during May or June.

  • Biennials

These plants as the name refers take two years to complete their life cycle often flowering before annuals and perennials.


These plants live for +three years or more often flowering for several months. Just to confuse matters, these plants are also categorised into two types, hardy perennials and half hardy perennials.

  • Hardy Perennials

The foliage of a hardy perennial will die back during the cold winter months as if the plant never existed, remaining dormant in the soil until new shoots appear in spring.

  • Half Hardy Perennials

These types of plant are better suited in a pot so they can be easily moved possibly indoors as they cannot withstand the colder temperatures.


Similar to a tree but smaller in size, shrubs can be deciduous or evergreen. Shrubs can have very attractive foliage and last for many years.


Bulbs and tubers develop underground storage organs for display in spring and others which are summer flowering.

Bedding plants

These plants are very colourful with beautiful floral displays which only last a few months. They are often found in hanging baskets, pots, window boxes, borders etc



Trees can be categorised into two types, deciduous  which shed their leaves annually or evergreen which retails their leaves all year round.



These beautiful plans often need support of some kind as they grow upwards and out. You should encourage climbers by supporting them with a trellis or guide them along a wall. 


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