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Transform your garden into a beautiful living area with a variety of fences to choose from to create privacy, security or even shade. You may also want to partition a section of your garden with screening to create a private, quiet relaxing area or introduce a new theme into your garden separating the areas for plants, eating etc.

We use various sizes and styles to suit your budget and needs from classic to contemporary.

Our styles include picket, overlap, feather edge, slatted, hit and miss or we can offer bespoke fencing to your design, unique to your requirements. We also offer trellis fence panels and screening in a variety of materials such as willow, bamboo etc.

All materials are pressure treated to protect the wood to reduce the possibility of rot or insect infestation resulting from moisture absorption.

Paul and Son is a family-owned, fully insured gardening company in Cardiff. We build, erect and maintain all sorts of garden fencing as well as providing a wide range of gardening services.  In emergencies we offer a full fence repair and callout service.

We have decades of experience in our business, and our garden fencing includes bespoke feather edge fencing, an extremely high-quality product that more and more people are learning the benefits of.

Because we’re experienced gardeners we bring a gardener’s eye to your garden fencing project, helping you to pick the right fence for your garden. That knowledge also informs our work – we’ll do our best to preserve your precious plants while completing your fencing.

Fencing can serve a number of purposes in the garden, and you need to pick the right type of fence for the space for the job you want it to do.

Good-quality fencing is an important security barrier for your home, keeping unwanted visitors out. It also helps to make your garden a private space for you and your family to enjoy.

Fencing can also serve a decorative purpose. Good wooden fencing can look fantastic. As well as installing and building fencing, we also paint and finish it, giving you something that is great to look at as well as serving a purpose.

We’re gardeners so we’re well aware of the important role fencing can play in your garden. Trellises provide support for trailing and climbing plants and help give height and a sense of drama in your garden. With our planting knowledge we can help you plant around your fence to produce a beautiful effect. Some plants – spikey, with dense foliage or very fast growing for example – can add extra security and privacy.


Using fences to divide your garden breaks up the space to the eye, creating an illusion of greater space. Dividing gardens into sections is a good way to add interest and create different atmospheres.

Our bespoke feather edge fencing is made to your specifications and to suit your garden. This form of fencing is the gold standard in wooden fencing. It’s a form of post and rail fencing, with fence boards that fit together to form a completely flat surface.


Paul makes our feather edge fencing. You don’t need to work with off-the-shelf shapes and sizes, you can have a garden fence of the height, length and shape that you need.


We work with domestic and commercial clients of all shapes and sizes. Your business needs to look its best, and the best fencing, beautifully finished and sympathetically planted really presents your company’s best face to clients.

Paul and Son was formed by Paul and Gemma Luce in 2011. We’ve since built up a very strong local reputation in Cardiff and South Wales as our testimonials page shows. Both Paul and Gemma are passionate about what they do, with decades of experience between them. We’re friendly and easy to deal with and provide work of the very highest quality at very good value prices.


If you’d like to discuss your garden fencing project, or you have any other garden maintenance or one-off gardening and landscaping work, then give us a call today.


Paul and Son can also make gates, sheds, pergolas and so much more specific to your requirements to transform your garden.

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