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A good lawn is at the heart of many British gardens. Done well, it’s a thing of beauty and should be tended to all year long to maintain its lushness and colour.  But lawns can be hard work. At Paul and Son we can lay you a new lawn from scratch that’ll look good for years to come, or rescue a lawn in distress. We also provide regular lawn mowing and edging services. We lay lawns from turf. It’s a bit more expensive than growing from seed, but it provides a good quality lawn very quickly.


Laying a new lawn is a good opportunity to make other design changes in your garden by adding or reshaping borders. We can help you plan these changes.


Grass comes in a large number of varieties that do different jobs – some are hard-wearing and great for families with kids or animals; some are finer and are more about the look of the grass. We’ll need to know how you use your lawn to get this choice right.


Laying a good lawn is all about preparation and timing. You can lay a lawn successfully at most times of year, but the best results are usually achieved in autumn. Laying lawns in spring or summer can work, but the turf will need an awful lot of watering to take root.

Preparing the soil is the main job of laying a new lawn. A good, level surface with a fine tilth (just a technical term for a good consistency) is needed. We’ll also need to make sure the area is weed free.

A good lawn is a flat lawn, so expect to see us walking the surface to level everything out.

We get the turf down as quickly as possible to give it its best chance of thriving, before top-dressing the finished lawn.

Even with turf, a new lawn will need a couple of days free of people and animals to get started. Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the advice you need to see the grass gets off to a good start.


Lawns can be reseeded or patched to repair small bare patches or other problems. If you’ve got a sickly lawn give us a call and we can come and diagnose the patient and sort out the problem.

Regular mowing, raking and pampering is good for grass’ health. We also provide lawn mowing services, either as part of our regular garden maintenance visits or as a separate service. We use good quality professional equipment for a quick job and a great finish.

​Please note that regularly watering of your grass is vital to preserving it's lushness and colour.

Contact us now to discuss your lawn laying, lawn repair and lawn mowing needs.

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