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Paul & Son are local tree fellers and tree clearers, we are based in Cardiff and Barry so are well situated to respond quickly if a tree falls onto your property.  Whatever the size of the incident, we can remove the tree and rectify the storm damaged area safely and responsibly. We offer an emergency 24 hour call out service in the event of storm damage caused by a falling tree or impact.

When disaster strikes you need a tree  surgeon that can handle the whole incident with the least impact on your lives.

Once the tree has been dealt with, we are able to repair any fencing / surrounding walls and we have laborers on hand to provide light building repair such as sheds and outbuildings. 

Our reputation has been built on our core service of landscape gardening so you can be sure that the recovery of your garden is in good (green) hands.

We have the manpower, equipment and experience needed to help. We are happy to help with Insurance claims.

Paul will call out to see you and assess the damage caused by the fallen tree and will provide an estimate for the cost of clearing the tree. While making the site and surrounding areas are safe.

We will clear the tree, chop it up into manageable logs if small enough and remove the debris. For larger trees we have a cherry picker / high access equipment available.

Sometimes trees and bushes can outgrow their immediate environment causing damage to the surrounding property, root systems can bury though the foundations causing structural damage if not nipped in the bud. 

The tree may be old, diseased and damaged, making it especially prone to come crashing down during the bad weather we have in Wales in winter.

Don’t wait until the worst happens. We will call out to assess the situation and will provide options to safely repair the damage caused.

Remember to check your insurance policy first to make sure you are covered. The insurance company they will normally ask for three estimates.

We are happy to provide this service and can produce estimates in the form to help your claim be assessed without delay. The charge for this is £25, but this is fully refunded when we have been paid to complete the work.

Some insurance companies will pay to rectify the damage, but not to clear the tree itself. If you find yourself in this situation, please call us for advice.

Paul & Son Gardening Services Cardiff - Tree removal
Paul & Son Gardening Services Cardiff - Tree removal using MEWP

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